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2014 Workcamp Locations: Mutaho, Burundi and Mt Elgon, Kenya
Saturday, June 28 to Saturday, August 2, 2014



Workcamp Descriptions:
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Read About Workcampers' Experiences:

Thoughts on My Rwandan Work Camp Experience, 2009

The Amos family were workcampers in Kenya in 2007. View their photos and comments

Whitney Popp went to Burundi in 2007. Read emails she sent to friends describing her experience

Download this PeaceWays issue focused on 2005 worckampers and the 4 workcamp sites

Download Tears of Joy by Joy Zarembka, August 1999. Journal of a workcamper to Burundi and her thoughts on the violence occurring during her time there.



Info on Burundi

Info on Kenya

Info on Rwanda


Going on a four week camp is in some ways an out of this world experience. I have been in a totally different place and have had 24/ 7 experiences of life with a group of people a month ago I had never met. I came in a new place totally different from my home but in 4 weeks it has become in some ways like a home and the people like another family.
Anna Crumley-Effinger, Rwanda workcamp, Summer 2005