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Testimonies from the Healing Companions Program in Rwanda and Burundi

Planting the Tree of Peace among Enemies
By Anna Crumley-Effinger

HROC—What Are We Really Doing?
A Discussion between Peter Yeomans, Laura Shipler Chico, and Dave Zarembka

Can We Stop Genocide and Other Violent Conflict?
Thoughts by David Zarembka

From Silence
By Laura Shipler Chico

PeaceWays, Fall 2006: Fitting In: Roles of Human Interaction

Peaceways, Winter 2005: Fostering Healing and Reconciliation

Fall 2005 Progress Report: Special Issue on Workcamps

Healing from Slavery, War, and Genocide:
Lessons from John Woolman and Friends in Rwanda and Burundi
By David Zarembka

Peace Cannot Stay in Small Places: Lessons from Alternatives to Violence Workshops with Gacaca Judges, by Laura Shipler Chico and Uwimana Marie Paule

I Am My Neighbor's Mirror: A Community Rebuilding after Genocide, by Laura Shipler Chico

Information on the Friends Peace House

Current programs in Rwanda:

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)

  • Return refugee resettlement project—24 basic and 12 advanced AVP workshops in 6 resettlement camps.
  • Hot-stops AVP program, ten to twenty AVP workshops in communities still beset with problems from genocide. July 2007 to June 2008

Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC)

  • Healing Companion Cycle with 20 HROC workshops, 10 follow-up days, and 5 celebrations
  • Support of existing Healing Companions
  • Development of HROC workshop focused on youth

HROC video

  • Showing HROC video in Rwanda Starting March 2008

Gisenyi workcamp

  • Continue building Gisenyi Peace Center July 2008

Scholarship program

  • Provide scholarships for 30 or more Rwandan students in need.

David Bucura

  • Support for AGLI programs in Rwanda, North Kivu, and Nairobi

Continuing programs:

With the Friends Peace House as a partner, AGLI will continue the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP-Rwanda) begun in January 2001 and the Healing and Rebuilding Our Community program begun in August 2003.

Completed programs:

In July 2005 with Rwanda Yearly Meeting a Workcamp built classrooms for the street children's program

From October 2003 to March 2005, the Friends Peace House and AGLI with AVP-Rwanda conducted over 100 AVP workshops with Gacaca judges.

In July 2004 with Rwanda Yearly Meeting, a Workcamp built classrooms for the street children's program.

From April to July 2003, with the support from the American Friends Service Committe, the HROC workshop was developed and 25 HROC workshops were conducted in various regions of Rwanda

In February 2003, with support from the American Friends Service Committee, an initial training for 15 Rwandan and 3 Ugandan HROC facilitators was accomplished.

In February 2001, with the Friends Peace House, AVP was introducted in Rwanda.