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Kenya Reports

Report #2:
December 30, 2007

It is around 11 pm in Kenya now and Kibaki was declared the winner of the presidential election and was immediately sworn in for a second term. The challenger Raila Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement said it would name a parallel government.

The international community should not recognize the Kibaki regime.

Within 15 minutes of the announcement, 6 Matatus were burned and shots could be heard in Mbale, Kenya. In Kakemenga houses are burning and there are running battles in the street.

Near my home in Kipkaren, a Kikuyu was attacked and fled to the Lwakhaka Police Station. Kikuyus shops have been burned.

Army entered Kisumu on Saturday night. Ex-pats are looking for ways to go to Uganda.

We have little information. There are no papers, no calling cards and the radio is useless. The only thing being broadcast is that everything is under control and remain calm.

I am still at my father-in-law’s home in the countryside. We are fine.

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