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Winter 2009 Appeal Letter

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Zawadi Nikuze and AGLI Activities in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Dear Friend,

Recently the escalating conflict in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has hit the headlines. The major city of Goma with perhaps a million people was almost taken by the rebel warlord, Laurent Nkunda. He stopped at the outskirts of the city, I think, because if he had taken the city he would not have had the resources to secure it. When the Congolese army was trapped in Goma, they looted, raped, and killed the people they were supposed to protect. The United Nations forces called MONUC did nothing.

Questions on the Conflict in North Kivu (insert to Winter 2009 Appeal) Read | Download

Winter 2008 Appeal Letter

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As an election observer for the Quaker Peace Network-Africa, it was refreshing to see the large number of Kenyans who peacefully turned out to vote for the elections in Kenya. In some polling stations including mine, people patiently waited for hours in the hot sun to cast their vote. Unfortunately, the orderly voting quickly transformed into mayhem and violence a few days later when the “winner” was announced. Personally, the violence was dismaying yet not very surprising.

Understanding Kenya's Violence (insert to Winter 2008 appeal)

Fall 2007 Appeal Letter

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Every morning now when I awake and look out my bedroom window, I see Mt. Elgon looming majestically sixty miles to the north. It is one of the highest mountains in Africa and rests on the border between Kenya and Uganda. The elders say that they used to see snow on the top in the morning on their way to school, but with global warming, I have never seen snow. I glance at the mountain because I wonder how the people living on the mountainsides are faring.