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Atricles are grouped into six groups. For all articles in a category, please click on the tabs on the left. Below are some recommended articles.

Healing from Slavery, War, and Genocide: Lessons from John Woolman and Friends in Rwanda and Burundi, by David Zarembka, October 22, 2006. This is the 59th John Woolman Memorial Lecture given at the Burlington Meeting House in New Jersey. The lecture gives eight lessons we need to learn and follow to help in situations of violent conflict.

Peace Cannot Stay in Small Places: Lessons from Alternatives to Violence Workshops with Gacaca Judges, by Laura Shipler Chico and Uwimana Marie Paule, June 2005. This is a report on 70 AVP workshops conduced between May 2004 and March 2005 with gacaca judges in Rwanda who are hearing the cases of the over 100,000 genocide suspects who have been in prison since1994-95.

I Am My Neighbor's Mirror: A Community Rebuilding after Genocide, by Laura Shipler Chico, December 2006. An assessement of the effects on the Nyamata community, one of the hardest hit by the 1994 Rwandan genocide, after twenty AVP workshops with 400 participants.

Women, War and AIDS: The Friends Women’s Association in Burundi by Cassilde Ntamamiro, February 2003. Links the violent conflict in Burundi to women and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Now, I am Human: Testimonies from the Healing Companions Program in Rwanda and Burundi

After the Guns Have Stopped: Searching for Reconciliation in Burundi, by Theoneste Bizimana and Anna Sandidge, May, 2006. These are the words of 18 out of 41 rural Burundians that the author interviewed about their lives, their journey of healing, and their involement with the Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities program, 48 pages with pictures.

Tears of Joy by Joy Zarembka, August 1999. Journal of a workcamper to Burundi and her thoughts on the violence occurring during her time there.

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