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Preventing Child Abuse
Val Liveoak, Coordinator, Peacebuilding en las Americas of Friends Peace Teams

In San Pedro Sula, Honduras, we heard an account of the beginning of personal change that could have important long-term effects on the lives of children. A woman who works in a child care center was known for having a bad temper, which even she acknowledged. On the third day of an AVP workshop, she told us this story (paraphrased): After learning about Transforming Power in the workshop the day before yesterday, I went home and told my family about it. Then yesterday when I got home, I found my youngest child jumping on the bed where I had put the clothes I had washed by hand. I was just about to swat him and yell at him when he looked at me and said, “Mommy, remember Transforming Power!” I took a breath and said to him, “OK, what are we going to do with these clothes now that they are dirty again?” A little later my husband came over to me and put his hand on my forehead. “Darling, are you sick?” he asked, since my response to my son had been so out of character.