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Steps of Reconciliation Have Now Gone Into Water
Email from Zawadi Nikuse, HROC Coordinator in North Kivu, Congo

While it is nice to assume that violence prevention continues in a straight-forward, upward path, it is naïve to think that there will not be setbacks. In April 2012 the armed violence between various rebel and government factions in North Kivu where Zawadi works with rape survivors escalated again. This was her email response to me on my request for violence prevention stories.

We took long [to respond to your request] because we had to go to the field to get such testimonies. However in the North Kivu current situation, we cannot. We tried to interview some people, but all we get is the contrary because the steps of reconciliation which were already taken have now gone into water. The inner wounds have now re-opened, we will have to begin from square one. Once the situation calms down, we hope we will get more stories for next time.