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International Connections
By David Zaremkba, AGLI Coordinator

AGLI Working Group member, Andrew Peterson, set up a webpage,, which we have been updating regularly with news and FCPT/AGLI work on election violence prevention. If you would like to have an update since this issue of PeaceWays-AGLI has gone to press, please visit the website. For March 1 through 10, 2013, the website had 22,203 hits, but most of these were just explorations from the internet as only 1929 different individuals stayed on the site for more than one minute. If you Googled “Kenya elections” during this time, the website was frequently one near the top of the list. The website led to one inquiry from a Daily Nation reporter on the number of successful women’s candidates after Kathy Ossmann posted on this topic. This website also led a freelance reporter to visit our voter education training in Lake Basin and a long article about the election, including our work, in a Dutch newspaper.

FCPT/AGLI was also an active participant on the Kenyan Consultation calls, using Skype to connect those in Kenya including CAPI and TTT with Quaker policy organizations, FCNL in Washington, DC, QUNO-New York, and QPSW in England. We are working on developing a joint evaluation to assess the total Quaker work before, during, and after the election.