#244 — Invitation to Support — September 14, 2013

Recently I have been touring the region, observing the programs AGLI partners with and discussing issues with the staff. On the one hand, I am pleased with how much the AGLI programs have and are accomplishing with limited resources. On the other hand, I look at the needs that our programs could be addressing if only we had more resources. AGLI is frugal in that it supports only two or three staff in each country that organize and account for the projects. But there are many facilitators for each of the programs – Alternatives to Violence (AVP), Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC), transformative mediation, and Turning the Tide (in Kenya) — available to conduct many more workshops if funds are available. When this occurred, for example, after the post election violence in Kenya in 2008, the program was able to conduct 6, 8, or even 10 three-day workshops in a week. The capacity is there.
As a result AGLI has launched an additional method of supporting AGLI’s program, inviting meetings, churches, organizations, or individuals to support a specific project. Each of the five AGLI programs – HROC-Burundi, HROC-Rwanda, HROC-North Kivu, Peace Building-Kenya, and the Friends Women’s Association — has developed one or more proposals for small scale projects from $2,000 to $8,000 each. So far we have received support for the following:
1. Bethesda Meeting has supported a HROC project for primary school teachers in Burundi.

2. An individual has contributed the funds needed to introduce AVP in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.

3. Rosalie Dance, a member of the AGLI Working Group, has solicited donations from women during Baltimore Yearly Meeting to support a Rape Survivors Support project in Burundi.

4. The new British charity, Africa Great Lakes Peace Trust, has donated funds for seven HROC workshops in war-torn Goma in North Kivu, Congo.

We are asking meetings, churches, organizations, and individuals to consider selecting a project for funding. If the total for the project is more than can be raised, AGLI is willing to accept a half, a third, or a quarter of the amount needed for the project. Supporting these projects might be an excellent way for a meeting, church, or organization to hold a fund raising campaign. Naturally AGLI will be sending the donor reports on the project as it is implemented.

Here is a list of pending projects looking for support.

1. HROC-Rwanda, $4,000: Working with 50 women from Kibuye, who have completed the basic HROC workshop, to develop a nutritional program in growing and eating vegetables along with a goat project for milk and fertilizer.

2. HROC-Burundi, $3,576: Preparing 54 Burundian youth (13 to 24 years of age) for the 2015 election, citizen reporting, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission including basic AVP and HROC workshops.

3. Friends Women’s Association, Burundi, $4,560: Awareness/Outreach Program for Family Planning for 207 women of childbearing age in nine communities of Kamenge, a Bujumbura slum.

4. Kakuma Friends Church, $3,000: Eight apprentice AVP workshops in Kakuma Refugee Camp including the Somali and Ethiopian communities in the camp to allow the fourteen newly trained AVP facilitators to become experienced facilitators.

5. HROC-Rwanda, $3538: Training of fifteen additional HROC facilitators/healing companions from two communities, Kibuye and Musanze.

6. Friends Church Peace Teams, Kenya, $3,968: Conducting six AVP workshops, four HROC workshops and one Turning the Tide training on Mt Elgon for 220 participants in additional areas of conflict on the mountain.

7. Mediation-Rwanda, Burundi, and North/South Kivu, $2500: Refresher meetings for trained mediators to share and enhance mediation skills.

8. HROC-Uganda, ~$8,000: Introduction of HROC with three already-trained apprentice facilitators in Gulu, northern Uganda, in area devastated by the Lord’s Resistance Army.

There are also a number of building projects, which on the whole will be more expensive than a meeting or church can raise funds for, but it is possible to select one particular aspect of the total plan for support. Here are the building projects currently under consideration:

1. HROC-North Kivu, Congo: Development of women’s center on plot already purchased in Goma.

2. United for Peace and Community Development, Kenya: Building of peace house on Mt Elgon.

3. Friends Women’s Association, Burundi: Renovation and improvements to Kamenge Clinic.

If you are interested in getting your meeting, church, or organization to support one of these projects, please contact me at dave@aglifpt.org for the detailed proposal.

Thanks so much for your consideration of this invitation to support one AGLI’s projects.